A crawling Milestone – Check out the Knee Pads!

A super active crawling baby is a treat to watch for every mother. While this milestone could make you proud, it also brings with it the concern of bruising knees. The constant friction between skin and floor could cause mild bruise on bay’s skin. In some cases, there might be no bruises, but there is no escape from patches of rough skin. It is duty of parents to watch out for dry patches, red skin or scraped or inflamed skin on the knees when the child starts crawling. The child might not actually cry out in pain or suffer much but still any type of discomfort needs to be addressed immediately as it might hinder the progress in babies.

One option that every parent considers is stuffing the floor with play mats which are soft and comfortable. This will not work on the long run as it will be like curtailing the baby and confining him or her to a specific space where you have the mat on. You cannot confine the baby to a space as the baby grows it wants to be free and discover new areas. One option that works well for mommas is using knee pads. There are some easy to wear knee pads available at retailers and on online shopping websites  for babies which helps in protecting their delicate skin.

These pads have a snug fit and could not be removed by babies as well. They come with elastic in different sizes so it could fit babies of different ages. They have some attractive colors and designs on them which will keep the baby curious too. Choose the material well as it could be easier on your baby’s skin and you could proudly say knee pads helped my baby crawl. If you choose one that could be used until your baby walks, it will come in handy. Several falls are due in the learning to walk stage as well.…