Strappy and Trendy


Strappy and Trendy


Jesus sandals are synonymous with straps and trend. They are supposedly inspired by the sandals Jesus had worn hence the name. It is a good blend of fashion and comfort. Some of the brands have made these strappier, giving it a chic look.

Jesus Sandals were made for comfort and casual wear. It started off with limited sizes for men. .Later on, it was made for women too. Now, these sandals are also worn by kids.

The sandals had always been off color, like browns greys and black. But now it comes in beautiful and attractive colors. First, it was only made of genuine leather, which was difficult to maintain. It is also available in rubber now. These sandals are available in many famous online stores.

They have rough soles to get a better grip. The heel area is slightly broader for the extra cushiony feel. These features make it suitable for the elderly too. This give a good grip which is a must for the seniors.

A Fashion Statement.

Coupled with short dresses like frocks, shorts, minis it looks great. The new generation loves it. Girls like the extra straps which adorns the leg, sometimes up to the knee. Men too love the sandal feel. It can be worn along with Indian and western outfits. Because of its rough exterior and a good grip, it can also be used for light treks and long walks. Men usually prefer the earthy tones, while girls like a dash of color in them.

There are a very few old styled products which are still worn and can satisfy the new generations craze for fashion. Thus Jesus sandals are still very popular and have witnessed many changes in the look. But no shoemaker can replace the comfort and feel it epitomizes.