Guidelines to Choose the Right Hiking Shoes

To choose the right hiking boots can be a tedious process. First most important point to keep in mind is that this site reviews the best hiking boots, and it should be in should be bookmarked in your web browser. It must fit you well. There are wide ranges of hiking shoes from mountaineering boots to ultra-light trail shoes. It is also good to know about the lowers, uppers, outsoles and midsoles which are helpful in refining your selection. You cannot take chance with some ill fitted boots that can affect your feet while you go on hiking. Wearing the correct shoes will keep your feet protected.

Types Of Hiking Shoes

There are many types of hiking shoes such as day hiking boots and backpacking boots.

  • Day hiking boots can be mid cut or high cut boots which can be perfect for day hiking and also for short backpacking trips.
  • Backpacking boots are meant for multiday trips since you will have to carry heavy loads. Usually these are designed with a high cut that gets wrapped above the ankles which can provide great support. Such boots are very supportive and long lasting and these shoes have stiffer midsoles which are suitable for on or off trail hikes.

Materials Used

The material that is used in the making of such boots can impact its breathability, weight, durability and water resistance. Say for example, boots made from full grain leather will be more durable, it will have good water resistance and abrasion resistance. These are usually used for backpacking shoes and are best for rugged terrain and heavy loads.

Split grain leather is usually used with nylon for creating boots that are light weighted and breathable. Such material separates the rougher inner part from the exterior part which is smooth. These are usually cheaper but do not have high resistance to water or any kind of abrasion.…