Rolex talk: can a luxury watch change your life?

I got a yacht master Rolex watch as an anniversary gift from my wife. It was our 10th wedding anniversary and we wanted to do something special that year. She picked this gift because she knew I wanted to own one for a very long time. Some might consider it to be really exorbitant a gift. To someone who does not splurge unnecessarily and has a good sense of money in general, I say that it is alright to give yourself or a loved one a special gift.

I believe that a luxury watch can truly change your life. While some own expensive toys so that they can brag, some believe they have an internal satisfaction that does not come from the envy of others. I am someone who believes that I have earned the watch because we, as a family, have worked very hard in our lives and we have the right to spend our money as we deem fit.

The psychological advantages of owning luxury items such as watches have a tremendous impact on your life and it will show in various other aspects as well. You tend to become more confident and sure of yourself. You tend to stand out in a crowd. You know who you are and what you have, so you do not find the need to explain to other people why you are special. You let your achievements and your possessions speak for you. You also appear successful to people. This gives you an edge as well. People realize your worth because you have done really well for yourself. Your self-confidence along with your morale is high. You tend to wake up with a smile and have a really good day because you believe in yourself.