Working Of A Binocular

  • When one hears the word “Binocular,” what one remembers is, it provides magnified appearance and helps to take a closer look at the object viewed. But, do you know how a binocular is able to provide us such a view? In other words, do you know how binocular works? If the answer is ‘no’, then here is a crisp information about it but before that, the best binoculars online can be found here.
  • A Binocular can be considered as two telescopes that are kept side by side. While the telescope is too big for a person to carry with him to view a distant object, binoculars are convenient to carry. One important function of the binocular is to provide a closer view which is possible with the help of an objective lens. The second function is to provide a magnified image which is possible with the help of a magnifying lens.
  • This means a binocular is made of objective lens and magnifying lens. The property of the objective lens is to provide the closer view of the object and that of magnifying lens is to provide a bigger view.
  • Assume a person is viewing a distant object, the light rays travel through the objective lens and provides a closer image to the second lens (magnifying lens). The magnifying lens magnifies the image and provides him a clear view.
  • One must understand that the image produced in the above manner will be closer and magnified but in an inverted manner. This is because; both the objective and the magnifying lenses are convex lenses. An important property of the convex lens is, it provides an inverted image.
  • So, a pair of prisms is used inside a binocular to rotate the image. Each prism rotates the image to 90 degree which together rotates the image by 180 degrees. Altogether, a binocular has two pairs of convex lenses (objective and eye piece) and two pairs of prisms.